XXDSJ-HA police high-definition on-site enforcement forensic


With the development of society and progress in the rule of law, video forensics has increasingly become an important tool for civilized law enforcement, and the necessary tools for obtaining evidence according to law.
DSJ-HA police high-definition on-site law enforcement forensics set digital camera, synchronous recording, digital camera, intercom / GPS positioning (external extension docking) and other functions in one, shooting video smooth and high-definition fully achieve 1080P HD picture quality, static camera 12 million pixel HD photo. Infrared night vision is also available, and it can be used under low or no light conditions. The law enforcement process can be accurately and objectively recorded in various law enforcement environments. Both self-certification and innocence can also preserve conclusive evidence of criminal offenses.
This law enforcement instrument is widely used in public security, traffic police, urban management, industry and commerce, security and other law enforcement groups, effectively eliminating the troubles that can not be taken into account when performing official duties and recording processes.
Basic Function:
Real-time monitoring function: Real-time HD video recording
Photo shooting function: JPEG format picture with high resolution (12 million pixels)
Password protection function: preset device access password verification
Infrared night vision function: Can be used under low/no light conditions
Protection function: waterproof, rainproof, anti-fall, anti-attack ability
Video recording function: shooting in real time
Transmitter function: A universal intercom can be connected via a dedicated interface
Extended interface function: multi-function extension docking, external power supply, GPS module, etc.
Technical Parameters:
Camera resolution: HD1080P (1920×1080), HD720P (1280×720), HD480P (720×480)
Video frame rate: 30 frames/second
Photo resolution: 4000×3000px (12 million pixels)
High-definition display: 2-inch TFT-LCD high-definition color display
Camera mode: All weather, waterproof and rainproof, with infrared night vision
Lens perspective: Wide-angle lens, 145 degrees
Infrared night vision: Infrared night vision distance ≥10 meters
File Formats: MP4/AVI, JPEG, WAV
Recording time: Continuous recording >8 hours under normal temperature
Recording function: In the off state, start recording with a key to achieve high-definition recording function
Storage media: Built-in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Battery parameters: High-capacity lithium battery, working hours up to 10 hours
Protection class: Meet IP54 requirements
Data interface type: HD interface HDMI1.3 supports HDTV HDTV connection, 1080P output mode
Video output connection: AV input port of any TV or monitor can be connected, the video format is NTSC
Multifunctional expansion interface: Intercom, GPS and 3G modules, etc.
Advanced high-definition image technology: Innovative design of camera processing technology, high-definition resolution of 1920 × 1080, 30 frames / sec high-definition video streaming; high-definition camera features, photo pixels up to 12 million, with a resolution of 4000 × 3000px, realistic recovery The actual situation on the scene.
Walkie-talkie microphone: Integrated microphone function, connected with walkie-talkie through dedicated connection, used instead of “shoulder microphone” to maintain smooth voice contact in various complicated environments.
Intelligent operation design: In the boot state, a key to achieve camera, camera, recording, playback and other common functions, refusing to cumbersome operation.
Professional and reliable design: High-pressure anti-magnetic reinforcement material can be used in a small to moderately rainy environment, dropping at a height of about 1.5 meters, and the equipment can still work normally.
Super night vision function: "High-definition on-site enforcement forensics forensics" has advanced optical processing, a number of infrared auxiliary light source set synergy photosensitive, in the dark environment more than 5 meters in the face can clearly see the characters can still obtain satisfactory video effects .
24 hours all day work design: Use 8G, 16G, 32G large capacity storage design, high-capacity lithium battery and plug in large capacity power supply according to work needs.
Forensic information fixation technology: shooting date, time display embedded video or photo display, fixed evidence.
Video/photo preview: Supports video/audio playback and photo preview. You can select fast forward/fast rewind during video playback to facilitate access to recorded content.
The camera position is flexible and fixed: the flexible direction fixture can be fixed on the clothes or other supporting objects, and the camera lens, the infrared lamp and the laser light can be adjusted together to adjust the position required for shooting.