XXNQV001 gun-type self-defense riot guards, according to the appearance of the five-four-style pistol, compact structure, easy to carry, suitable for use by the Guards sentry.
Contact shock: This product can be contacted with electric shocks to directly subdue the target.
Laser warning: Laser irradiation can deter deterrence targets. In addition, the laser can also be used for aiming instructions.
Long-distance electric shock: Emissiles are fired within 5m to subdue the target.
Launch Tell Teller: The riot can launch a high-speed tear gas canister to subdue the target. The high-speed tear agent uses the bottom fire as the motive force. The initial velocity is high and it is not easily influenced by the wind direction. It also avoids the shortcomings of leakage of liquid at the high temperature of conventional tearing agents, and insufficient pressure at low temperatures.
The launching bomb is built-in: The bomb body is embedded in the inside of the stick body and has strong concealment, and it still has contact-type electric shock function under the condition of carrying the bomb.

Technical Parameters:
Appearance size: 150mm×200mm×35mm
Weight: about 370g
Working temperature: -35°C~55°C
Output voltage: DC 30kv
Output current: 0.2±0.05mA
Power supply: 7.2v, 600mA/H built-in battery, rechargeable

XXNQV001 gun-type self-defense stun gun